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Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico
Maybe it was the lush tropical climate, or the white sandy beaches that first
caught the eye of tourists who began to flock to this Mexican paradise in the
late 19th century.

Or maybe it was something more that made John Huston choose Puerto
Vallarta as the setting for The Night of the Iguana (and the headline
grabbing, off-screen romance of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton).

With so much that Puerto Vallarta has to offer, every moment in this
beautiful vacation spot can be shaped to meet your individual desires. Find
yourself strolling back in time as you meander down the streets of the
historic area of town, or the village of San Sebastian (15 minutes by plane)
or follow your own steps to the rhythms of the Mariachi.

Your eyes can feast on beautiful textiles, original works of art from local
artists and all over the globe, or the breathtaking beadwork of the Huichol
Indians. Your mouth will water with anticipation for the authentic Mexican
cuisine, while chefs from around the world serve up delicacies in renowned
international restaurants.

You may seek out the pristine white sand of the beach, or do your best to
avoid it on one of seven exceptional golf courses.

With ample opportunities for activity at every turn, your adventurous side will
never go unfulfilled, unless, or course, you want to give it a rest. In that
case, Puerto Vallarta is the ideal location for glorious, sun-soaked inactivity.
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Culture in Puerto Vallarta

In this beachfront destination, pre-Columbian mystical traditions unite in an
eclectic marriage with Spanish mores, Catholicism and contemporary
cultures from around the world.

Puerto Vallartas pride in its traditions is cause for colorful celebrations,
processions and parades throughout the year. During the procession of the
Virgin in December, and the cultural festivals of May and November, the
streets are filled with music, dancing, and theater performances. Mariachi
and Tequila flow in abundance amid a backdrop of traditionally dressed
rodeo cowboys and elaborately woven Huichol art.

In this mixture of this tradition and international flair you can visit the
legendary Los Arcos Amphitheater and Los Arcos National Marine Park,
listen to world-class symphonies, dine with chefs from around the globe, and
find art galleries to peruse.
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